Carports, Garages, Storage, & Lean To

A-Frame, Tall, Vertical Garage with Lean-To Storage

Standard Horizontal Open Carport With Additional Walls For Storage

A-Frame Car Cover

Choose from a regular carport, partial enclosed, to a triple wide garage. The classic standard style roof is the most economical option. This standard style gives your garage a rounded roof with horizontal panels that run parallel to the side of the carport. You can choose an A-Frame design with optional end gables. Either design has the option of upgrading to vertical. You can select a carport that has an enclosed storage unit along with an attached open carport in the front or side. Or choose one with sides enclosed to provide shelter for your horses or any other animals. And on a smaller scale, you could even use one as a dog kennel. The standard style garage can be customized to fit your everyday storage needs. Our roll up and overhead doors come in a variety of sizes. Walk in doors range from a single door to a double door in several sizes. Windows, skylights, and vents are also available. Mix and match the roof, sides, ends, and trim colors at no additional charge choosing from our standard 12 color choices.

Garages or Storage Units

Mini-Storage metal sheds are a perfect addition to any backyard. All our steel storage units come with a galvanized framed and pressure treated wood floor. Each unit comes equipped with a light weight roll-up door or a walk-in door for easy entrance. These steel sheds are offered in a variety of styles and sizes. Some upgrade features include front gable, a porch with railings, plans and calculations for an extra cost. Mini-storage units are great for storing bikes, lawn equipment and tools, or your swimming pool supplies and toys. Why continue to pay high prices to rent storage from someone else when you can own your own? Don’t give away your money when you can own your own storage and have your belongings close and easily accessible.