Roof Style

Our standard unit is the most cost effective which includes a rounded, curved look, with sheet metal that runs horizontally from front to back.
We offer upgrades to A-Frame roof with horizontal sheet metal or A-Frame roof with vertical sheet metal that run from the peak of the roof down to the sides. The A-Frame horizontal style is good for matching with other structures you already have on your property. The A-Frame vertical style is highly recommended if you live in area where snow is a concern. This style is reinforced with hat channels and engineered for snow and rain to slide off the roof with ease. Plus, this vertical roof option is also the strongest style.
Both A-Frame options provide a 6" overhang on the front and back ends of the roof which helps protect your entrances from the outside weather.
Additionally, you have the choice to upgrade the sides and the ends to vertical sheet metal match the roof.

Standard Roof Horizontal

A-Frame Vertical

Hexagon Style Roof

Hexagon Buildings

This unique look has a six sided design roof, which gives added height for more roof clearance inside than regular carports and buildings. The Hexagon style building is perfect for storing heavy machinery, fifth wheel trailers, recreational vehicles, boats, or livestock. It is required that your sides be enclosed with this style building. You still have the option of roll up or overhead garage doors and walk-in doors and windows, and 12 different color options to choose from.


Trusses & Braces

Extra Trusses – Concerned about snow? Add extra trusses to increase your Snow PSI rating.

Larger Braces – Depending on width and height of structure, brace size will vary to keep your building strong and stable.

26 Gauge Steel Roof – Available on special orders. Restrictions apply.


Color Options

There are 22 different color options in the 29 gauge steel panels that you can choose from, making it easier to match the surroundings.
Our 26 gauge steel panels offer 22 different colors.
They are available in standard lengths of 21', 26' and 31'

Colored Screws

We offer Low Profile Screws to match any color paneling.

L5 (29 Gauge)

PBR (26 Gauge)

Roll Up Doors

We have six standard sizes available, though a custom size roll up door is optional.
The 12 different colors are still available but are not exact match, though similar, to the colors of the panels

Overhead Doors

Choose a sectional door for more of a residential look.
Upgrades include Glass Windows and/or Insulated Doors.
Garage door opener compatible.
White Mobile Home Doors 3 sizes to choose from 36”x72”, 36”x80”, 72”x72” (double door) 20 gauge, insulated heavy duty doors available. We can frame out your personal door at an extra cost. Restrictions apply.

Walk In Doors

We have three sizes to choose from 36”x72”, 36”x80”, 72”x72” (double door) 20 gauge, insulated heavy duty doors available.

Insulate Your Building

We offer an insulation upgrade for your building. This insulation combines the benefits of insulation with vapor and radiant barrier protection, this helps provide a cool, dry structure in the summer and a warm, dry structure in the winter.
***We can frame out your personal door at an extra cost. Restrictions apply.


30”x 30” square window.
Half Screen with Horizontal or Vertical Sliding.
We can frame out your personal window at an extra cost. Restrictions apply.


Virtually unbreakable, Resistant to yellowing, Retains optical clarity, Can handle extreme climates (-40°F to 250°F)
Colors available
Clear – 90% Light transmission
Soft White – 85% “Glare Free” Light Transmission
Sizes available – 3’x4’ , 3’x8’ , 3’x12’
Restrictions – Installed in vertical roof’s only

Solar Air Vents

Round design provides for excellent air flow and maximum wind strength. Prevents rain and snow from entering the structure. Has a 5 watt high efficiency solar pane.l High quality powder coating lasts as long as the roof. Installed on A-Frame Verticals only